Make your gloves as strong as a Bison! This product extends the life of your leather and wax items. The ultimate in long lasting protection. Leather Food and Colour Replenisher. Moisturise-soften-preserve. Helps to waterproof your leather. Reduces water absorption. Conditions and revives the look of the leather or wax fabric. Works on wax cotton (Barbour type) jackets too!

Suitable for use on motorcycle clothing, equestrian equipment and footwear.


This wax is ideal and recommended for our Waxed Brown and Oiled Cognac hides to help enhance their natural colours and provide added protection for the leather!

30ml Goldtop Bison Wax

Microfibre Sponge?
    • 1x 30ml tin of Goldtop Bison Wax
    • Perfect for our Waxed Brown & Oiled Cognac leathers