All of the gloves that we at Goldtop produce, unless otherwise stated, are only ever made from the finest Aniline cowhides.


Aniline Leather is the purest form of leather. The hides we use are of the highest grade, and have been dyed in a drum with Aniline, an organic chemical dye, rather than spray-painted with a pigment. This means that natural growth-marks and scars will be visible, which make each hide unique, evidence of the finest leather. The Aniline, often mixed with oils, soaks through the hide rather than being sprayed on top, resulting in the softest feel and richest look. With Aniline leather gloves, you get gloves that age beautifully and mould to the shape of your hands.

Before manufacturing begins, we cut away all scars and blemishes, resulting in a natural, pure Aniline hide. These are the hides that then go forward into the production of our gloves. We only use the purest, and cleanest of Aniline hides, and we keep the use of split hides to an absolute minimum. You may find gloves from other companies where the palm and fingers are made from split hides. This creates a stress point that will wear unnecessarily over time. This is also why we are confident enough to provide a year's guarantee on all production and manufacturing, with a repair service available for all of our leather products out of the guarantee period. Feel free to get in touch at info@goldtop.co.uk if you would like to know more.


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